Letting someone else view my credit card

I’ve got a credit card account with BNZ, and my partner is an additional cardholder. Is there any way to let my partner see the card and it’s transactions when they log on to Internet Banking?

Absolutely! Your partner will need to contact us either over the phone, in store or send a secure message through Internet Banking.  We will be able to link the account to their Internet Banking.


As Krystal has mentioned an additional card holder can see a credit card they are a user of over Internet Banking.  Of course they need their own Internet Banking. 

If they do have this already then as Krystal has suggested make contact with the Bank.  If they don’t have IB and only have an additional card with no other accounts then it may be easiest if they pop into any Store to be set up. 

In either case (either over the phone or in store) make sure you and your partner register for Voice Identification as well.  By far the easiest way to make sure we can help you whenever you or your partner need help.