Let users come back to old interface

hello guys, that hipster interface looks cool but I now can’t see my account transactions BY TYPE.

It means I am unable to check all my deposits for the last month.

Let users switch back to old interface please.

Hi @kpoxo6op

You can still check the deposits for the last month, all you need to do is type “deposit last month” into the search bar. This works in both the account view or in the overview on the right hand side of the page.

You can also use terms like “in last month”, “out last month”, “in last X months”, “in last X days”, “in last X weeks” or even something like “in last month interest”.

You could even go crazy and do something like “out last 2 months between 10 and 50 new world”, substitute New World for another transaction description.

At this stage the transaction history for accounts goes back 6 months (3 months for Credit Cards) and the overview has 3 months across all your accounts.  We are working on increasing the history for all account so watch out for this next year.

Hope this helps and you can use it to your advantage.


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that was helpful, thanks