Where can you find all the information on a Kiwisaver eg how well a scheme is doing… ( you know cash is down but the old shares are up sort of thing?)

Most providers have information up on their website - I’m with Fisher Funds and as well as regular email newsletters they have the performance stats loaded on their website. So if you know who you’re with just head to their website and it should be there. If you don’t know who you’re with, I’m not sure how you’d find out!

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Yep, @K_W is right - if you’re a member of the BNZ KiwiSaver scheme you’ll find all the info on our website ( )and you can also check the details of your KiwiSaver account through Internet Banking.

If you’re with another scheme, has a KiwiSaver comparison tool that also has performance information on a range of KiwiSaver scheme funds, although a fund needs to have 5 years of records to be included so the BNZ fund returns are not compared there yet ( )

yes im with the BNZ…     Anyway This is all I get …This page can’t be found

Hi @Rodgie, sorry about that. For info on how BNZ funds are doing and how they compare to each other take a look here

I looked at the ‘where does my money go’ page at the circle graphs.
There didn’t seem to be any place for fees for the fund in the circle graphs.
I see further down the page that BNZ mentions the fees but it would be useful to show on the graphs.
That to me is confusing and hard to work out the true cost as it also says that there is a $1.95 member fee.
So does the fee percentage include that member fee or not

In my efforts to understand more about kiwisaver, I sat with a bank and compared growth percentages with two competing banks. I was suprised that there was a 3% difference in the same type of fund portfolio between the two banks but over time it panned out to 0.7%. I’ve started a spreadsheet graph of my own kiwisaver which I will publish on my blog site. Because you are only allowed one kiwisaver account it means you can’t compare products. My graph should overtime show people the effect of one of the plans.  All you can do currently is to transfer it from provider to provider if you think you can get a better rate, and some people actually do that. Again consumer freedom of choice is being affected by the restriction. Maybe there’s a reason, but why not allow people to have multi kiwisaver accounts. I’m lucky as I am a sole trader I can choose to opt in and pay as much as I like. I feel for the employees that are automatically enrolled without a chance to even properly understand kiwisaver and how the type of investment they choose could substantially affect the quality of their lives. I am in financial hardship myself because I lacked the skill to understand how money works. Today I’m paying the price. At the moment Kiwisaver is a way to try and start afresh. As Kiwisaver is protected in a bankruptcy it at least gives a form of Asset protection and a sense of hope.