KiwiSaver/YouWealth Investment Info

For KiwiSaver and other managed investments, is there a way to see a breakdown of how much you (or your employer) have put in in dollar amounts? I’m wondering if that is something that could be done with investments.
I can see you already have government vs other (everything else) on the KiwiSaver one but could we get a further breakdown of the “other” of my contributions vs my employer contributions. It then becomes easier to see where returns are being made.
Personally, I’d also like to be able to track the daily gains and losses over time, because I am interested in that kind of data (I’m a financial literacy teacher and I like to try to show my students exactly what this means and how the daily ups and downs are nothing to worry about as long as you leave it alone).

Don’t hold your breath. We’ve been asking for a breakdown of the “Other” for some time. You can review the Kiwisaver Summary thread that was started in June 2016.

That’s really sad. I was looking on my computer at the time so maybe it’s still there but you’re right it’s gone from the app… I definitely want more info, not less!

Hi @Jello currently there is no feature that does that. You would need to manually go through and add these up.

Is there any indication of why this isn’t a feature? Personally, I think it would be helpful to have a full breakdown of what’s happening with my money. I like knowing what is being done with my money without having to look through 5 years worth of statements and pay slips to figure it out.

Hey @Jello, I 100% agree - this would definitely be a helpful feature. I’ll make sure your post is forwarded to the Digital team to let them know that customer demand is there for the feature. As for why it hasn’t been implemented yet, I can’t give you much of an answer other than that rolling out new features does take time and we have to pick where our resources are allocated. But as they, the squeaky wheel gets the grease - the best way to lodge feedback if you want it to get followed up promptly is by submitting a complaint form at Email us feedback - BNZ.