Kiwisaver Summary

Would it possible to show a more detailed summary for where the money comes from (or goes to) in a kiwisaver account.

It would be good if the summary was:

  1. Government Contributions
  2. Employee Contributions
  3. Employer Contributions
  4. Voluntary Contributions
  5. Fees
  6. Gains
  7. Withdrawals
  8. Other

I am assuming you have all this information as transactions say what type they are, with the exception of money transferred from another scheme which could just show up under other.


Yes Kiwisaver should be completely transparent.
I can tell you that ANZ show government contribution but does not list the fee breakdown.
This is so you can’t easily compare it with other providers.
In three months I lost 42% of the return of investment to fees. ANZ do show fees but only as one amount and they also show the amount I made on the investment.
I also spoke with an investment advisor (not a bank) and they actually charge $30 per year on top of the regular fees to hold a kiwisaver account with them. He also advised that if I wasn’t contributing enough of my own funds to receive the government contribution any returns I make would be eaten up in fees.
From doing some research, I believe the banks use the reason to keep hidden the true costs of items is because they think them making available all the information will confuse the consumer. This is of course rubbish and disrespectful. But the real truth is I believe, is they don’t want people to know what returns they are really getting or what borrowing actually costs them.
Thank you for asking the question. The more we ask the more we learn and the more control we have over our lives.

@Sam01 thanks for your question - it’s great that see there’s appetite for this level of information from our members. It’s something we’re currently exploring to build into your BNZ internet banking experience.
In the meantime, you can you see your items in your transactions history online for the last six months – what goes in and what goes out. We also send out an end of year BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme member statement which has a summary for the last financial year. We just sent these out a few weeks ago, so if you haven’t received it yet, just give us a call.
If you’d like us to walk you through this or if you’re unsure about anything, get in touch with our KiwiSaver support team on 0800 269 5494.


I strongly support this idea. BNZ is currently tracking behind its competitors through not offering this level of transparency to its customers.

Is there any update on when more information about Kiwisaver contributions will be provided in internet banking?

@FrancisM While it is true that you can see the transactions for your Kiwisaver account online or via mobile banking, the numbers do not add up.

That is, if you export all transactions and add them all up, they do not equal the value of your Kiwisaver account. I assume the difference is the investment gains/losses made?

The summary, which is not available via mobile banking, is still the same Government/Other split as mentioned by @Sam01 . The ? says “Includes your contributions, any employer contributions, investment gains/losses, fees, taxes and any withdrawals.”

These are the descriptions for the transactions I see in my Kiwisaver:

Account Fee
Employer Contribution
Government Contribution
IRD Interest on Employer Contributions
IRD Interest on Member Contributions
Member Contribution

Can we not have the summary show all these separately, as well as the investment gains/losses?