Kiwi saver

What’s the process of withdrawing my kiwis average contributions due to serious illness

Hi @forrestbre, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow including filling out the form mentioned in the “How to apply” section of the link below. Any other questions let us know.

Hi I had very sound advice and it was very good to have independent experienced Solicitor advise me the term “serious illness” defined - my case was migraine headaches / burn out and muscle weakness last year and then you require a Doctors Declaration to fill out - whether or not that is applicable in each case, then I had advice to look at Hardship Application which would be more appropriate depending on circumstances - I experienced is different from IRD you can withdraw under their terms as well but similar form with Doctors Declaration. I have used my savings and been resourceful but have decided not to withdraw it until absolutely necessary even a partial withdrawal could be fine in your situation. BNZ do offer health insurance premium care however that does not cover pre-existing medical conditions and that was not offered to me at the beginning however BNZ Call Centre are very helpful indeed with Kiwi Saver Team and Personal Insurance Team - Life Insurance could be a good option as that covers loss of income - depending on you age. Good advice goes a long way in making the right decision - always good to have that as an Emergency Fund to access. Talk to your Health Professional first before making any withdrawal of Kiwi Saver - it is not as straight forward as it seems as it the application goes to the Kiwi Saver Team so you have evidence of ill health, Doctors Visits, etc. But someone can apply on your behalf if you are recovering from a serious illness such as a Specialist to help you with the forms etc. Always seek independent advice from a Banking Advisor and I found the call centre Kiwi Saver Team very helpful and compassionate as well. They can talk over the phone to you and guide you online to look at the Forms and PDF documents.