**Keep an eye out for this Inland Revenue Phishing email!**

It’s always great when you receive a tax refund! But not so great when you give away your personal details to fraud offenders in the process. We’d like to advise you of a current Inland Revenue phishing email that is doing the rounds. The email is asking unwitting recipients to ‘click on the link’ and enter their personal information including credit card details.

Remember, Inland Revenue will NEVER ask you for this type of information. Please do not confuse these phishing emails for the real deal, even if you are expecting a refund. This year Inland Revenue have changed the way they operate; if you are due a tax refund you will receive it automatically! The best way to communicate with Inland Revenue to confirm if you are due to receive a refund is to call them directly, or to login using their online portal.

We’ve included a copy of the recent phishing email below so you know what to look out for. And remember, if you do suspect that you’ve been taken in by a scam, or you’re suspicious of an email you’ve received contact BNZ on 0800 ASK BNZ (275 269) or +64 4 924 0499 as soon as possible.

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I am an Accountant and have advised all my clients to delete any e-mails from the IRD.
If the IRD want information they can contact me by using secure e-mail

Great advice @chap! Especially with everything being automated this year, any correspondence from IR should just be telling you to log in to the online portal, and they won’t actually include the link to the IR website.

Any time there is a link in an email proceed with caution!