Joint Credit Card transaction

I have a BNZ Joint credit card, but my statement does not show which joint owner has done the transaction. Other credit cards with joint accounts that I have were able to separate this. Also when one user’s card is having an issue it affects the other user too, which can result in no one able to use their credit card for a while.

When can we see these changes or improvement?

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Hi Dean, thanks for reaching out to us. I’ve contacted the cards team for more info. Will get back to you asap.

Hi Dean, I’m happy to say this is on the radar for the cards team, and they’ll be addressing the issues you’ve raised in the near future, but I’m unable to give a firm date at this point in time. Thanks, Lawrence

I asked for this 5 years ago - and nothing has been done .
So I do not have much hope as BNZ does not listen to its customers very well