Joint Account

Hi there,

I was wondering if I create a joint account with my partner (I am already with BNZ) would there be 2 cards for that account? One for each of us but linked to the same account?

Generally yes… depending on how many sub-accounts there are, if any, then there may be more.

In my case we have a joint “cheque” account (what it started out as 30 odd years ago) and there was also a non joint cheque account that was used for groceries, but is now long gone. But that was only 1 card and in my wifes name. We also have 3 other accounts which we use for savings/specific bills e.g. rates.

Hi there, that’s right! With a joint account you will each have your own cards and they can be linked to the same joint account. To set up some joint account you can visit your nearest BNZ branch or contact us on 0800 275 269 and we can organize an appointment. - Adina.