It's coming: Touch ID and PIN login

We’ve got an update of our mobile app going out in early July and there are a couple of exciting developments in it that our app users have been asking for:

For iPhones: Touch ID!  Once set up, any fingerprint stored on the device will be able to access mobile banking via the BNZ app. Available on iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3.

For iPhones and Android devices: PIN login! Users will be able to choose their own five digit PIN to log in to mobile banking.

For Apple Watch: We’ve created an extension of the BNZ mobile app for the Apple Watch, and when paired with your iPhone it will enable you to view your instant balances on the watch screen.

Are you excited to try out the new features? Will you be setting up PIN login or Touch ID when the update goes through?


Awesome stuff! Great to hear there are new features coming to make people’s banking experience better.

Great to hear, awesome work! Do you have Beta program through Test Flight?

Still no good for those who have a Windows phone