Is the Unitary Plan the great savior of Auckland's housing crisis?

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BNZ’s Chief Economist Tony Alexander reflects on how the Unitary Plan will affect soaring Auckland house prices and future urban growth. For the third time in three years the Reserve Bank has imposed new rules on the minimum deposit size investors must have when using a mortgage to buy property in Auckland. The first occasion was October…

We need to define shortage of housing and affordable costs of a house for a New Zea lander.
We also need to define immigration between returning Kiwis, Students, Refugees , Family Re-unification and immigrants who are coming to work and to contribute to our country.
It is almost impossible to get a visa unless there is a job offer for a job that they cannot find a local person to employ.
So immigrants are not the problem - The problem is buying in bulk by overseas buyers who maybe laundering money. The government will not acknowledge this problem or act on it like Australia and Canada have.
Why not???
The problem with houses that are bought and not rented can be solved by the IRD imposing a notional rental income and taxing the owner as a non complying trust at say 46%