Irresponsible BNZ bankers at Call Centres

Does BNZ realise that their call centre performance is going downhill badly?

I have two recent experiences, when an initial call could not be resolved and we are promised a callback (e.g. they will need to confirm pricing, or the Home Loan team is not available on weekends), but it doesn’t happen?

And I need to call again, be on hold for about 15 minutes to speak to a person, and re-explain the whole story again?

BNZ Staff - please be more responsible. When you say you will call me back the next day at 1.30pm, please call at 1.30pm. A bit late is fine. But to not call, until late afternoon the following day, when I could not wait any longer and had to ring back to follow up, that is bad.

Some people here work jobs, where calling and being on hold is almost impossible. In fact, even our lunch/water breaks is delayed so badly. As an example, I started work at 7.45am and did not have my 1st glass of water and 1st food until 3pm. I am paid until 4pm officially but stayed until 8.03pm today.

Answering a quick phone call from your team is probably fine. Waiting on hold on the phone, when I dial, is almost impossible - I get interrupted non stop.

Please be responsible, and stop adding unnecessary stress to your customers. For me, having something hanging there, unresolved, is highly stressful.

And oh yes, I have thought about e-mailing/messaging. But I was told these things have to be discussed by phone, because apparently ‘pricing information is sensitive information and could not be released in written form’, said your banker who promised me a callback.

Please improve yourself BNZ.

Hi @taless85,

Thanks a lot for your feedback - good or bad it’s always valuable. I’m very sorry to hear about your experiences with our call centre. I’ll pass your feedback onto the team, so that they can investigate this for you.

In the meantime, whilst this isn’t an ideal solution, if you’re ever waiting for a call back that doesn’t happen, you’re welcome to contact us on social media or here on community. Just send through your access number via a private message and I’ll shoulder tap someone in the call centre to complete the call back at the earliest possible convenience.