iPhone Mobile App Unavailable Issue - (6)

I cannot access the mobile app on my iPhone X, IOS 12.2
After putting the PIN in I get an unavailable message.
Message "Mobile Banking unavailable
We expect to be back soon…Thanks for you patience (6).

Reinstalled the app. As soon as the bank number and password is entered the same message appears.
For some reason it’s not making a connection into the banking system or my account is blocked, I suspect, as the message is instant.

Hi @NZBlue, thanks for reaching out to us. I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been experiencing with the app. We’re not aware of any outages at the moment, so we’ll need to investigate this for you via a secure channel. Please contact us on 0800 275 269 and we’ll take a look. Thanks, Lawrence

Rang the number, thanks.
Apparently there was an outage to services which is still being recovered. I’m sure my problem was before that but it looks like they can’t progress until the problem is fully resolved.
Will post an update later in the week.

It looks like my iPhone is being blocked since it upgraded to the Beta release of 12.2.
I’ve been on the Beta programme since September last year.
Decision now is to wait until 12.2 becomes available and not use the app or reset the phone and have to reset all of my 2factor authentication apps.

I’ve been getting the same message quite frequently on my desktop. Usually, but not always, happens in the weekend.

Thought it was probably caused by external issues or software updates at the BNZ server end.

Also had it happen once on my Android phone. Thought nothing of it really until I got this message of recent comments to the Community page.

Hey @Godzonekid, if you’re still having these issues when there’s no known outage please do give us a call, so that we can look into this further for you. Thanks, Lawrence 0800 275 269

How do we ascertain that there is a “known” outage?



Great question :slight_smile: You can check up on outage statuses via the following link: https://www.bnz.co.nz/contact/current-status-and-outages

Hi Lawrence

Just been doing a lot of stuff on my account and I’ve got one of those Actions are currently unavailable, please try again later.

I haven’t had any time outs so yes, this is concerning so advising you as you requested if it happened again.

And yes, I checked for known outages and system says it’s all hunky dory. Ok, that’s my words but…



Hi again Lawrence

I just logged out and then back in again and all is well. So something wonky happening at your end rather than mine. Is it by any chance running on iOS? rg&dfc


Hi Paul,

Yes don’t worry, it is our end.

The team are working to improve the system as a whole, in order to prevent future outages, etc., but this is causing more issues than normal in the interim.

Appreciate your patience whilst we get this all fixed :slight_smile:


Update, I can now login to the app on my iPhone. IOS 12.2 has been officially released and I upgraded.
The problem was either the phone being blocked because it was running a beta IOS or there was a bug in the beta release.

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