iOS App/Generic Questions

Hi there,

I’m currently with ASB and about to move to BNZ for my everyday banking. One thing I liked about ASB is how feature rich their mobile app is, compared to BNZ’s.

I’ve read past posts (~6-12 months ago) regarding feature requests to see the answer is soon or looking into it, but the features aren’t there yet.

So I thought I’d ask again, are there any plans to introduce more control over credit cards? e.g. this is what you can do with ASB:

Another question, with the ASB app there’s an option called “multitasking” which allows it to log you off immediately when you close the app, this is useful because when you open the app again it prompts you for your touchid/pin straight away allowing you to quickly log on again.

Currently with the BNZ app it eventually times out and logs you off, but when you open the app again you have to press OK then Login then touchid just to get back in. Another issue with that, is that it briefly flashes the last screen you were on… so if someone obtained your phone they’d be able to breifly view your balances before it shows the below screen.

The workflow could be greatly simplified by allowing the user to enable an auto logoff feature, so when the app opens again it prompts you to login rather than having the user press OK then Login then hit the touch id button.

Lastly, I’m still waiting for my credit cards to arrive but one benefit I’ve enjoyed with ASB is real time transactions. Can you confirm that, with Visa (not flexidebit) cards, transactions appear in real time? What about when using paywave?

This post back in January seemed to indicate this wasn’t here yet but that was specific to flexidebit cards



Hi @raab

Thanks for the great post.  Let me answer each one for you.

We are definitely looking at the card controls idea and we have a number of ways we think this can be improved, so ideally sometime second half of the year (though can’t promise yet).

On multi-tasking, the team are looking at that timeout message, so will pass on the thoughts you have around auto-logout, not something that had been raised much before.  The timeout message annoys me, so I’ll do what I can to remove that soon.

For real-time transactions.  We do currently show all credit and debit card transactions in real-time.  There are only a few minor exceptions where they don’t and this is due to the way the some other banks processes some Visa Debit contactless (Paywave) transactions, but most will appear immediately and I believe our people are looking at trying to close those gaps that exist.

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Hi @Nick,

Thanks for that, I think ASB are one of the few with the advance card controls at this stage I can’t say its a feature I use often but its nice knowing its there.

The timeout one would be great, it is quite annoying!