Internet outage today 12th Feb

Unplanned outages don’t seem to get added to the support info on nor estimated time for normal service to resume! I phoned the Partners helpdesk they said they were aware of a problem since 7am? But did not know of when it would resume. We download a debtor payment transactions report from our Trust accounts, so this is on hold till when…??

Hey @AshleyS, I’m sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused to you by our recent outages. Sometimes it’s take a little while to size the scale of / reason for an outage, which can affect how quickly we’re able to provide an estimated time for resolution. Currently we’re not aware of any issues, so if you’re still experiencing problems please feel free to private message me directly and I’ll investigate for you. Thanks,


We have one staff member designated daily, who comes in at 7:30-8:00 to download all the transactions for processing todays is 190212.trn.

However we got a Balance report that initially said “Balances Unavailable” with no Debit or Credit amounts, even though the enquiry screen did show balances?

I rang the helpdesk at 9:00 am and spoke to a Reuben if memory serves and he was unaware of when the issue would be fixed.

We still can’t export Receivables Finance Ltd, Account 02-0820-0282525-00 properly.

Be helpful if there was some advice, although I understand you can’t pinpoint the source of the issue and the customers accurately?


Ashley South

Group Accountant,
Finance Team.

Receivables Management (NZ) Ltd.

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