Internet Banking

To all BNZ Customers you will all know that they are closing down there old Internet Banking some time in July,2016,they are going on to the newer one,i find it hard trying to uses the new one,they do not care about there customers,i rang them up a couple of days ago an all they basically said to me was tough we dont care what you say its still changing regardless to the newer Internet Banking,i just hope they loses customers,i am looking at closing all my accounts down between July and end of the year.

At the moment i am in talks with Kiwibank and ANZ,both banks have told me they are very interested in having me as a new customer

I find its very poor of BNZ,they didnt even considered my feedbank quite a while ago,o well they are losing me as a customer,i dont like there attitude,i even wrote them a letter a couple of days ago,didnt even had a reply back from them.

So people if you still want the old Internet Banking let BNZ know and how you feel

Just change banks then… See ya!

Good idea to change Banks,ive send an email to Bnz no reply back o well,dont woz me they will loses out in money,they uses to be a very good bank onces not as good as they used to be,Westpac is the worses bank,id never touch them again,they too rude,to there customers and never follow up on there complaints,they sweep it under the carpet

I just wait till July comes