Internet banking suggestions

Hi all,

This is my first post. I was referred here by the Facebook page. I have the following suggestions for internet banking:

  1. Companies (including mine) who pre register as bill payees could provide an avatar image for their payee option in the new internet banking.

  2. Migrate the remaining options to the new internet banking - for example - no option to order a cheque or deposit book.

  3. How about an option for batch direct debits and outward payment uploads?

Michael Hallager

Hi Michael,

  1. It’s a great idea to get customers that register to provide an image that will turn up when people load them up as a payee.  This would be a win for the company, customer, and us so definitely something to follow up on.

  2. We are continuing to bring across functionality from old internet banking to new, currently we’re working on bringing across tax certs in time for the upcoming tax year.  As we bring items across we are assessing if there’s a better way to surface them and also how often things are used so that we are not rebuilding functionality that is no longer useful.

  3. Currently these would be a better fit for our business banking platform, as they are more suited to those customers.

Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming!


Thanks for your response  and I look forward to seeing this functionality added. If you could contact me to arrange for my business to be one of the first to supply an image, this would be much appreciated.

Another improvement I would really like to see is the Payer name and their account number to show for incoming payments. Kiwibank shows this and it would be very helpful on the occasions I need to refund payments back.

This is especially relevant when dealing with larger companies, government departments and organisations. I want an easy way to be sure I am sending a refund back to where it came from.

Thanks in anticipation.