Internet Banking #Protips - splittin' bills like a mathematician

Did you know that in YouMoney you can do simple calculations? There is an in built calculator in the Pay/Transfer form. Open the Pay/Transfer widget by any means, i.e. drag and drop or menu option then just start typing the amounts you’d like to calculate e.g. (60 + 200) / 6. You’ll notice a calculate button appear, just hit enter or click on the button to complete the calculation. Simple. Hope that helps next time you are working out the flat bills or transferring your share of last night’s pizza!


That’s really handy!! I have a specific way I would use this: I always try to keep my credit card balance at zero, but because charges often take a few days to appear, I look at the Available Balance - subtract that from my Credit Limit, and I can see how much I need to transfer on to the card to keep it at $0 balance.