Internet Banking #ProTips - Paying for TradeMe items

Paying for auctions you’ve won on TradeMe can be a painful experience. First you have to wait for the seller to email their account number, then it’s the flipping between email and internet banking to paste numbers, amounts and references for make the payment. And then you have to email back and let them know the money’s on the way so they can package up your shiny new sausage maker pro-delux.

We looked at some numbers and estimated that around 10% of one-off payments being made were for TradeMe auctions. So, we decided to have a look into this and see if we could make the whole thing a bit easier… what if we could link our app to TradeMe services through their API ? (application programming interface in case that is one acronym too far).

We came up with was a quick way to login to TradeMe from inside BNZ Mobile, so our app can then request a list of all the auctions you’ve won. From here you pick the one you want to pay for and we get all the account/amount information from the seller and set up the payment for you (providing the seller’s set the auction up to send these details to the buyer).
Then all you need to do is choose the amount and press pay… we even took the liberty of pre-populating the email to the seller for you!

There are a couple of things we want to do in the future to make this even better, but would love to hear your thoughts on it.


Sounds like a great feature! Although I must admit I’m still behind the times and aren’t yet using my phone for banking…