Internet Banking #ProTips - Detailed searching made easy

Have you ever had that niggling thought that you are spending far too much on coffee? Or maybe you just want to see how much you have managed to save in the last 6 months.

Internet banking will arm you with the information you need as quickly as you can type it, here’s how.

Say you want to know more about your coffee habit, in the search bar in internet banking type in the name of your favourite coffee place (e.g. “mojo this month”), the list of transactions will instantly change to show the transactions that match what you have typed in, letting you know how many times you went there and how much you have spent.

Let’s talk savings, see how you are tracking over the last 6 months by selecting your savings account, type “deposits last 6 months”, again the list of transactions will change to show only deposits into your account with a graph of the totals. Want to see how much you have been dipping into your savings, just type “out last 6 months”, this might be the kind of insight you need to help you on your way.

Give search a try. These examples will work in both the single account and recent transactions search bars, but the graph only show in the account view.

Try using other searches like:

  • “Last week”
  • “This year”
  • “Between 15/8/2014 and 7/9/2014”
  • “less than 40”
  • Or try combos like “new world last 3 months between 20 and 100”