Internet Banking Outage


During unplanned internet/mobile banking outages, why does it take so long for BNZ to notify customers? All you need to do is make Facebook and Twitter posts.

You could also go one step further and have a ‘system status’ box on the homepage of the BNZ website that shows either a tick or cross showing the status of IB and the apps.


Hi Thomas, usually with internet/mobile banking outages the team is able to fix the problem within such a short period of time that putting out posts about it becomes redundant - more recently however there have been intermittent outages which pose a bit more of a challenge because as far as a customer is concerned it may seem like the outage has lasted hours when actually it’s been up and down over that period of time.

With our outage yesterday it was initially believed to have been in the same vein as outages in the past, and it wasn’t until later that we realised some customers would be affected for a longer period of time (those who’d made transfers/payments and been affected by a system glitch where an error popped up to indicate that the payment hadn’t gone through, but the balance of the account looked like it had - in fact, no real transaction went through). In hindsight we could have posted updates on this situation, and we’ve had lots of feedback from customers that echoes yours - we’ll take it onboard and learn from this for next time.

Interesting idea re: system status box, @Milan @LukeB @Nick or @dave might be better placed to comment on feasibility of it though.

Thanks for taking the time to feedback :slight_smile: