Internet Banking Choose Dates Selection Access

Being a cautious person I check and download my bank account each day (and use the dates selection range) to check if I have overlooked any charges or are there unrecognised items.
The Dropdown Calendar sometimes does not display the whole month and I have tried to use the side bar and down arrow to reach non displayed or partly displayed days’ dates but without success. This non display is an intermittent issue. How can I force he calendar to display the full month when such non display occurs?

Hi Neil, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unable to choose the dates on internet banking. In order for me to find the cause to the problem, I would need to securely verify you which I’m unable to do so on this unsecure channel. Please do give us a call on 0800 269 4242 to discuss your situation and we can see what else we can do for you. Thanks, Julia.

Pleasure to speak with you just now Neil.
We together found that Neil’s browser was zoomed in on the webpage and when opening the calendar the page was cut off because it was slightly magnified.
We resolved this by holding the Ctrl button and pushing - to zoom out (+ will zoom you back in).
Thanks Neil, great talking with you.