Internet Banking Blocked


I got locked out of my internet and mobile banking. Am currently overseas and won’t be able to call the overseas hotline. is there other ways to unlock my account?


Hey Ingrid,

To have your Internet Banking and Mobile App reset we would need to speak to you.

As you can imagine we do take Security very seriously and unfortunately through our Community Page or Social Media Channels we’re unable to get you verified through our Security Process.

I know that it’s a bit difficult for you to get in touch being based Overseas at the moment but if you did a spare moment you could give our team a call on +64 4 931 8209 (International Toll Charges may Apply) - Our team would be more than happy to help! We’re available between Monday to Friday (8AM to 8PM NZT) and Saturday/Sunday (9AM to 6PM NZT)

Look forward to hearing from you soon.