International Purchases Using Credit Card

When making an international purchase is the pending amount the final amount (with the exchange rate locked in) or does the exchange rate at the time of processing the transaction apply.
Also is the foreign currency fee included in the pending amount or is this a separate charge added later?

Hi @Sam01,

The exchange rate applies at the time of processing and the any foreign currency fee will be applied at this stage too.


When displaying the transactions in internet banking it does not show all the information, but when I got my statement it shows the exchange rate and currency fee.

Do you intend to add this information to internet banking?

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Hi Sam01, yes there is a bunch of extra information we’d like to add to transaction detail including these items for Foreign currency transactions. I can’t give you an estimate of when this will come in at this stage, but it is on our list of future enhancements.
Thanks for the feedback,

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Has there been any progress on this, currently I have to wait till I get my statement to get the breakdown. The reason I want to know is because I got a deposit I paid refunded, but I can’t see if the difference is due to the exchange rate or the fees.

I was looking at the fees for card use overseas and for visa cards its says purchase reversals don’t get charged a fee and purchase refunds get charged a fee.

Whats the difference between a purchase reversal and a purchase refund?