International payment to BNZ

Hi, iam having trouble paying my school fees from USA going to the Bank of New Zealand, 1176 Amohau street Rotorua branch. It this branch address is not in the list ofbank of america. Hence, the bank system is declining the transfer. What shall we do? I gave the swift code BKNZNZ22. But the concern is the address it is not appearing. Pls help

Hi @Marian, the address you need to enter when paying to BNZ from overseas is:

Bank of New Zealand
New Zealand

Thanks, Emma

Why are you using SWIFT and banks? There are so many easier and cheaper options to transfer money.
I just made a payment to an Australian bank account. Took under 2 hours to arrive and cost less than $2.
In my business I do regular payments overseas and never pay more than NZ$6.
SWIFT is a hopelessly out of date system and banks have likewise been creaming it on international payments.

Probably because she is in the USofA where just about everything is 10 years behind the times when it comes to banking. I’m told that credit card payments in shops over there are still predominantly zip zap on paper. Very little electronic systems at all in the shops.