International Bank Xfers Don’t work weekends

why can’t international Transactions occur over the weekend. Is it that hard to have a team that can manage weekends?

Hi there, the only payments that process over the weekend are between BNZ accounts. All other payments are processed on a business day. I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. In the mean time I have passed on your feedback to the appropriate team to look into. Thanks Adina.

Hi there how long do transfers take feom nz to nigeria??
My brother in nigeria has checked his bank and they said it hasnt reflected yet
He is urgently waiting for this payment.

Hi there, processing transactions in the country of the payee varies. Depending on the country, this can potentially be months. BNZ will ensure that transfers are delivered to the payee’s financial institution as soon as possible after processing but unfortunately cannot control when the payee’s financial institution processes the payment. Thanks Kris

Plenty of Remittance options available who are cheaper, quicker and the full amount is paid without deductions. I suggest shopping around.