Interest to other accounts

Hey I noticed that if you get cash back on your credit card, you can choose for that interest to go into any transactional account at BNZ, well I was wondering if there is a chance this can be looked into doing for the interest that is received on a rapid save or on call account?
I rely on that money to pay a few bills and spoil myself sometimes and don’t want to be punished for removing it from my account and not putting it back by the months end date.

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Cool idea, I’ve passed it on to the team for consideration :slight_smile:


Much appreciated Yvonne :slight_smile:

Hi greenschemes, I have just questioned this with our Technology team, and this is available on some of our accounts already, including Rapid Save and OnCall. I suggest you contact your local Store and have a discussion with them about what your best options would be.
As long as you make the transfer online there is no cost to withdrawing the interest on an OnCall account anyway, in either fees or interest.

Hi cuzz
Thanks I just called up to discuss this and have been told that although I can go through and transfer out of my oncall account myself with no fees, there is no ability to request the interest from my rapid save to be sent elsewhere unless a automatic payment is opened, and in which case this will count as my 1 free withdrawal of the month.
I’d like to have the interest in another account without having this considered as a withdrawal.
Is there another way? Because my understanding is there is not one

HI greenschemes, Sorry for the delay, are you able to PM me your access number and best contact details and I will get someone to call you to discuss this.