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So unfortunately I had a bad first experience as a landlord. At first I was extremely happy with the way my claim was dealt with, until I found out the 2wks advance rent wasn’t that at all. My Tennants first week was the 5th of September, after no payments were made and numerous texts and phone calls I went around to the house only to find it unlocked and open. So yes I had a trashed house plus no rent other than the 2wks in advance. I have since found out that the landlord protection takes that 2wks plus bond as the first 3 weeks of the insurance cover so after the 250 excess I ended up with under 5 weeks rent out of 9 wks. Really don’t understand how this works and why I couldn’t use the bond for rent arrears or to help pay for my excess. I am now looking into other insurance companies and their policies.

Hi @Goldyej and welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about what happened at your place.

I would suggest the Propertytalk forum would be a good place to ask.

It is a good idea with all new insurance policies to read the policy coverage and exclusions.

Optional cover for landlords

If you are a landlord, optional insurance protection can also be purchased (2) specifically for your needs. This includes cover for sudden and accidental loss to the landlord’s contents on the property and any intentional damage tenants cause to the rental property. Loss to rental income, should tenants leave without notice or in the case of tenants being evicted, is also covered.

If you rent out a property, you should ensure that tenants have their own contents insurance. This will ensure they are covered for third party liability if they cause damage to your property.

  1. Limits apply, refer to your policy wording for more details.

PremierCare Home Insurance

Previously I had always bought insurance myself and had generally got a reasonable deal. But after moving to a small country town and using my car less for commercial use then I had in Auckland, I decided to give a local broker a try.

My yearly comprehensive car insurance went from around $400 down to $215.05. In my case I was highly motivated by price and simply wanted the cheapest comprehensive (full) policy I could get. Your objectives may be different.

Hi Goldyej - Sorry to hear of your recent negative experience with a PremierCare Insurance claim.
Michaelnz has provided the correct links for more information around Landlords protection, thank you for that Micahel.
However, please do give our PremierCare team a call on 0800 275 269 to discuss your experience or answer any questions you have as we want to ensure you have the best experience with BNZ PremierCare going forward.
Kind Regards,
Anna - BNZ Insurances