Insurance correspondence

Is there an option to receive electronic correspondence from the BNZ insurance department?

We’ve opted for electronic correspondence everywhere else, but keep getting insurance communications via the post.

Not only that, but now that we are trying to make changes to existing insurance, we have been asked to mail in 2 payslips in the enclosed envelope (no optional email address)! I don’t remember when I stopped receiving printed payslips. :wink:

Also, our salaries have been paid into our BNZ accounts since 2012, but I guess some red tape just never goes away…

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Hi. Thanks for your post - we really appreciate your feedback. If you’re still in the process of changing your cover and need our help, please call us on 0800 808 648 or you can email us @

To answer your questions for the community….
• We’re working on how we can communicate with our customers more digitally whilst still protecting their privacy. While we work through that, we haven’t yet been able to offer customers the option to have all correspondence emailed to them but we can assure you that we’re working on how we can increase our digital communications in future.
• We do usually refer to BNZ bank accounts for evidence of income, but in some cases we also need payslips for more detail.
• We appreciate your feedback that if we do need payslips (or any other documents) you should have the option to email that to us. We apologise that this option wasn’t communicated to you. Required information can be sent to us at

Any other questions let us know :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback Lawrence :slight_smile: