Installing BNZ Mobile (Apple) for non-NZ regions


I moved to New Zealand a couple years ago.
I have iPhone and cannot install BNZ Mobile for iPhone due to non NZ region of my Apple ID.
It is quite difficult to change region in Apple ID settings to New Zealand (you need spend any store credit remaining on Apple ID, cancel any subscriptions etc).
Is it any chances that BNZ Mobile in AppStore will be available to another regions?

Regards, Andrii

Hi @AndPetrov, thanks for reaching out. As my Apple ID account was originally linked to the UK region I actually had a similar issue and, in the end, I had to phone Apple directly to switch my account to the NZ region. I’m afraid I can’t answer your question directly, but @Nick should be able to help you with that. Cheers,

@AndPetrov We do restrict it from downloading from some regions, and we are happy to open it up on a case by case basis, where is it you couldn’t reach it from ?

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Hi @Nick. Country of my Apple ID - Russia.

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Hi @Nick. Is any chance to get BNZ app from Russia region AppStore?

Hi, any updates for this question?

Kia Ora @AndPetrov, thanks for the follow up and I apologise for the late response. I will need to follow up with our Digital team regarding this enquiry. I’ll be in touch :slightly_smiling_face:. ^Liam

Make a new Apple account. Set that Apple account to NZ. Log into App Store using that account. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Yes and I lose all old application.

Thank you.

No, you wouldn’t lose old application. Let me elaborate.

  1. Log out of old account
  2. Make new account, set to NZ
  3. Download BNZ app
  4. Log out of new account
  5. Log back into new account.

I’ve done it before for a similarly region-locked banking apps