Still the sharks are coming after me. A different breed though and for a different reason. Australian solicitors demanding I stop marketing myself as an authorised trainer of their clients programmes, and if I don’t remove all references to their content, they are going to issue legal proceedings against me and claim injunctive relief and damages. Yes, they even claimed to have held a meeting in their head office, of course I wasn’t told or invited.

After a while, one stops believing in the world. Is there any truth left, Ho Hum.

Solicitors are like debt collection agents, damages are monetary.

Injunctive relief is a petition to the court to ask that they issue an order against someone to take an action or stop an action. Useful to know, I suppose.

Otherwise - same sh*t, different day.

Tell us the full story…

I contacted VS in Australia to tell them about my seminar and to ask if I would be breaching any copyrights if I referred to their material. I then got an email back saying that they, along with an unnamed associate actually had a meeting in their head office. I was neither invited or told about it. I received a letter from the solicitors claiming that I am marketing myself as an authorised trainer of their programmes!  How on earth they gleaned that from my website, I have no idea. The solicitor did say that to reference any material is a breach of their IP. Apparently I’m claiming their material as my own.
I now wonder just what they discussed at their meeting they claimed to have had.

I notice one of their youtubes references Harry Potter in the form of a character who they use to enhance their presentation. I wonder if they have rights to do that.

Interlectual property and the law is actually worth knowing about.
The actual words - Change Anything etc are apparently protected by Interlectual property rights because they are used as training in the company’s programme. Thats how I understand it.

Firstly, I think this is entirely the wrong forum.

Secondly, why are you wasting your time on this crap? Sort out your own backyard, learn something from it and tell people your own experience. Start a online discussion group if you want.

Let them keep their material.

Tell us the full story… ??? 

I did?