Information required by Studylink

My nephew joined BNZ at the start of this month and now has a problem with his application to StudyLink. They require either a pre-printed deposit slip (really? do these even exist?), a statement with his name and account details, or a hand-written document stamped by a branch. There is no BNZ on campus and he hasn’t had his first statement yet. Is there anything else that you know StudyLink will accept - or can he get an out of cycle statement (but, poor student, preferably not have to pay for it). Thanks!

Hey @dms, if your nephew is able to call us on 0800 275 269, we can arrange for his current statement period to end the day he contacts us. This would generate a statement overnight of the next business day and would then be available for him to access in internet banking the next morning. If he gives us a call over the weekend or on Monday, we can request that for him so he can access it and pass it onto StudyLink on Tuesday morning :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for that!

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