Important security information for Internet Banking for Business users

At Bank of New Zealand, we consider our customers’ online security to be of utmost importance and we work hard to make sure your details are kept as safe and secure as possible.

From time to time there are phishing attacks that target BNZ customers. Recently, we’ve seen some attempts being made towards customers who have business accounts. So we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about staying safe online.

What is phishing?
Phishing is when criminals pose as a person or company to get you to provide them with your banking information, such as your BNZ Internet Banking for Business username, password, account number, or credit card details. It will direct you via a link to enter your details at a fake website that looks almost identical to the real one. Often the website is also infected with malware and/or viruses, which may capture your personal information without your knowledge.

Remember BNZ will never:
Send an email with links to your Internet Banking for Business login pages which ask you to provide confidential banking information, including user ID, access ID, passwords or NetGuard information.

These are some of the signs of a phishing email:

  • there is a sense of urgency in the email
  • opens with “Dear Valued Customer”
  • the email includes a link to your internet banking
  • if the email asks you to register for SMS alerts

If you receive an email that shows any of these signs do not click on any links or provide any personal information.

Thanks for your understanding and for working with us to help prevent fraud. For more information, you can search “phishing” on