Important information about Flybuys (unofficial post)

This affects holders of Air New Zealand Airpoints cards who’s Flybuys automatically convert to Airpoints - not standard Flybuys cards.

I have been informed by Air New Zealand effective the 17th of this month (October 2016) it will no longer be possible to collect Airpoints via Flybuys.

Cashback rewards are an alternative option for BNZ credit card holders not wishing to collect Flybuys.

Personal credit cards - BNZ Advantage Classic and BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum

Business credit cards - BNZ Advantage Visa Business

I’m hoping the BNZ will consider an alternative rewards option with Airpoints and ask one of our Community Reps to comment on this.

Air New Zealand Onesmart announcement

Hi there, at this stage we have no plans to release any other type of rewards for Credit Cards. We will let customers know if this changes in the future or if we have any news to announce in this space. Thanks

Thanks for the response @Kieran

Subsequent to the original post, I have contacted Flybuys and been advised all Flybuys numbers which were issued in conjunction with Air New Zealand Airpoints cards are specific to these cards and will cease to work as of the 17th.

This is clearly an issue because many customers (including myself) are receiving Flybuys rewards from BNZ which are connected to Air New Zealand Airpoints cards.

Could someone from the bank urgently investigate this please and respond?

I haven’t heard anything about this personally Michael, am currently seeking further information and will advise accordingly.

Hi Michael, I can now advise that BNZ is aware of this and we are currently working on an update for our customers who will be affected by this change. We will be communicating to our customers by email and letter on Monday in terms of the process to update their Fly buys number.

:raised_hand: Hi @michaelnz, I got your PM, sorry for the delay I’ve been on leave :slight_smile: Looks like Kieran’s already helped a bit and you’ve probably already got the info in a letter/email but here’s the site where you can switch from your Airpoints earning card to your new Fly Buys number: