Import payments from Xero

Over two years ago ASB launched support for Xero’s feature that allows you to create payments in Xero and have them automatically sent to internet banking (without need to download a batch file and upload).

Xero advise that the hold-up for integrating other banks is not Xero, but the willingness of the individual bank.

Has there been a conversation at BNZ with Xero about this feature - will it happen anytime soon for BNZ customers?

Hi Jesse,

Yes this is a feature we will be looking to add in the future. At the moment our focus is on simplifying and speeding up the process our customers go through to link their accounts to accounting systems like Xero, MYOB and others.

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A year and a half on, is there any progress on this?

Hi @OlympicB, thanks for the question. For various reasons I’m afraid our API based developments were put on ice for awhile, but the good news is we now have a digital team committed to API capabilities. They’re currently focused on other projects, but this is on their radar and should be completed towards the end of the year. Any questions let me know. Thanks, Lawrence

Gosh BNZ …end of the year ?
How many years behind ASB is that ? 3 ?
It’s not really on in this tech age.
It’s worth changing to ASB to save a whole lot of time fiddling around with exporting and exporting files I think.

Hi Lawrence,

Have there been any developments in the API interfaces since March? We have a customer who would like to use an API to import bank statement transactions into their ERP system, rather than downloading CSV files and importing these.

Is there a timeline for the API to be available for business users?



Hi @endeavour, I haven’t heard of anything I’m afraid. @Nick, are you aware of any developments?

Hi bnz, Any update on this?

Both ASB and Kiwibank have had this for years. I’ve been recommending to my clients they switch banks when we modernise their accounting processes and systems to take advantage of the automation available elsewhere these days. Would be great to add bnz to the mix.