IFTTT for Online Banking!

Hey BNZ team!

I had this idea the other day and I thought I would share it with you.

What if I could set my accounts to react to events! An example would be when I make a transaction of a certain amount it automatically kicks off another transaction. Perhaps I send $2 to my savings every time I buy something worth more than $100, or I could top up an account $50 when the account total drops under a certain amount.

Basically - Automatic payments based on events instead of dates.

What do you think??


Great idea Rupert and definitely something we’d love to look into further. We had an innovation day a while back where one of the teams prototyped this and it looked really good. There’s a bunch of technical work to allow us to do this but it is something we are working towards.

Any progress on this?

Sounds like an interesting idea! @Nick is this on your team’s radar at all?