Idea share: Money management and spending tracker

Does BNZ have any plans to develop a money management system for tracking spending and managing bank accounts?

I really think such a product would complement the “good with money” message and with ANZ discontinuing with their money manager system, there is perhaps an opportunity to gain some new customers.


You can use Yodlee Money Cener(, which is exactly the same as ANZ Money Manager, except you have to say you are a US resident when signing up(but BNZ bank feeds work).

I agree it would be good if BNZ provided a service. I think BNZ should try to do a deal with a company like PocketSmith or YNAB to provide free budgeting services to BNZ customers.

Thanks Sam. I’ve used YNAB and am now using Toshl. But I would just love an easy way to manage my everyday spending - in my dream world every transaction would pop up on my phone and require me to take an action of tag/categorise.
A collaboration with Pocketsmith would be fab, especially as it’s a local company.

I agree with you both that it would be great if BNZ offered something. I’ve also been affected by ANZ Money Manager closing down, and I’m torn between not trusting non-bank software with my banking login details, versus the extreme hassle of using a manual money tracker with my many bank accounts. It’s tempting to change my banking to ASB since they still have their software as far as I’m aware.

Looks like Westpac have created exactly what I was asking for: