I am overseas and cannot get into my account

I am stuck in VANUATU because of Covid and my NetGuard has expired. I am told I have to phone +64 4 931 8209 but no one ever answers.

this is bloody poor service, I have been on the phone twice today and after 30 minuets no one answers.

I need all my statements from January 2019 till now so I can get my Taxes done.

How the bloody hell can people rely on your services when you cannot be contacted.

Hi There! I am so sorry to hear the circumstance. I would like to look into ways to help. If you feel comfortable please send me a message with your best contact number.

I have the same problem. Cannot get any reply on phones either and I need to transfer funds urgently

Kia ora @susanmar2 , I apologise for the late response. Have you managed to get your enquiry sorted since sending this message? Chat soon, ^Liam