How to view statements that are outside of suggested time frame

My latest statement for October only goes up to the 6th,am needing to view up to 26th (today). Please advise

At the moment your statements are generated around the 6th of each month, so you’ll either need to wait until November 6th or you can contact the call centre and they generate an interim statement today, available tomorrow morning. Any other questions let us know!

Call center: 0800 275 269

You can use Internet banking to generate daily statements which give you the ability to select a range of dates.
I check every day online to check for Direct Debits I have overlooked and also to reassure myself that no account hacking has occurred.
There is also some flexibility in how one personally prefers to display daily statements which I really like.


What is the purpose of the statements? Do you need statement specific information? ie. Address and running balance and stuff like that?