How to put references on international payements

I’m trying to make an interational payment via Internet Banking but can’t figure out how to add a reference that will appear on the payee’s statement.

I’ve signed up to make international payments, I’ve added the business I’m trying to pay as a payee (name, address, IBAN, sort code, currency) and now I’m at the part where you enter how much you want to transfer, and the button says ‘Confirm and Pay’. On a prior screen there was a field that allowed me to put a reference to appear on my statement, but can’t find one that will put a reference on the payees statement. It’s important because i have a identification code that they’ll use to link my payment to a booking I’ve made.

Any ideas? I don’t want to click Confirm and Pay and have the payment go through without a reference, but also am not sure if you add the reference on the next screen!

Any assistance would be appreciated, especially since the dynamic exchange rate has added NZD$10 to the amount while I’ve been trying to figure this out! Eek!

Hi NZAunty,

Select to go back one screen. There is a wee box just above where you enter your amount. It is labelled “Information for the payee (optional)” This is where you put booking number or invoice number or name so that the payee knows where the money has come from. I hope this helps! Good luck.

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