How to pay advanced personal Loan

OK its time to make a repayment on a loan but I can’t figure out how to do it.
I have had one before and the loan account showed next to my regular account when I logged into internet banking and it was as easy as drag and drop the required payment. Nothing is showing this time . I have received a statement and the account number starts with 4999 which looks to me like a credit card .
On the back of the advice it says payments can be made via internet banking. but to where and how>? I tried paying via a different bank and it didn’t recognize the number and who should I enter as the Payee name?
Its not clear at all what I should do.

Hi Beki, thanks for your enquiry on making a payment to your loan. If your loan is not showing on your internet banking you can send us a secure message or call us on 0800 275 269 and we can add this for you. You will then be able to make payments. Thanks Col

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