How to introduce customers to a change online

A key part of making a great internet banking platform is making sure our customers know how to use it and get the most out of it. We are kicking off some work now that will mean everyone who hasn’t used new internet banking (YouMoney view) will get the chance to try it out in the near future.
So we are really keen to understand what you thought and felt about new internet banking the first few times you used it. Questions ….

What did we do well? Where did we drop the ball? Did you find our tips & tour useful?

When you use a new site, or one is changed on you, what are the ways these changes have been made that resonated with you? And what are the ways changes are communicated to you that you find annoying and just ignore?

Let us know your thoughts !

I’ve been using YouMoney since early in the project, and I’m so used to it now I can barely remember my initial thoughts on the product. The product works really well for me, and my finances have improved because I now feel like I have more control, and can fine tune my accounts.

I recently got a chance to view a full-service enabled version of the ASB FastNet site;  and it simply looked ugly. The person showing me was of the opinion that have more functions available all on one screen was more important than aesthetics; I disagree, for my daily banking I prefer a good-looking, easy to use visual system like YouMoney, and if I need those other services (applying for loans, Kiwisaver, etc) they’re all still available elsewhere on BNZ sites.

One thing I like in terms of communication is being invited to share my thoughts, and if I’ve submitted feedback using the online form, I always get a personalised response, and in a short timeframe too. And changes to the site have been well communicated, both via email and using pop-up announcements the next time you log in. One thing that could be improved is having access to past news items/announcements from within YouMoney.