How long does it take for money to show up in account

Hi im just wanting to know how many days/long it will take for money to show up in a bnz account ?

Morra, depends on what you mean by show up. You can see transactions in Internet Banking real time depending on the type of transaction and there are others that appear only at end of day and when statementing has run, or are you meaning having access to funds?

Kiwibank/Westpac deposits comes through around the 50 minutes mark every hour on weekdays. Weekend deposits comes through Monday morning. My pay clears around the 7:20pm mark (used to be 7:35pm-ish with Kiwibank). Not sure of clearance times with deposits from other banks.

…if that’s what you meant, lol.

I am waiting for money deposited an hour ago into my bnz account to clear. If I call the bank, will they be able to action this.

Rodney it depends what you are meaning by money deposited. Was it cash over the counter, was it a cheque deposited over the counter, was it either of these done via one of our express deposit towers, or perhaps it was via one of our smart ATM’s or was it a transfer of funds from another BNZ Account or from another bank. I just need to know this detail to advise more. Please note I do not need account numbers just which of these would it have been.