How do I edit automatic payments in the mobile app?

I set up a number of APs in the app but now I can’t edit them. It’s frustrating. Is it poss in the app or do I have to use the website?


The only way I could do it recently on the app was to delete my existing AP and set up a new one from scratch to the same payee with the new amount. Otherwise yes has to be done through the website.


Hey @Amanda,

We are currently working on allowing customers to edit APs within the Mobile Banking apps at the moment. We are hoping to have the functionality available within the next few months.

In the meantime @byron_krause is right, you could delete the existing AP and set up a new one with the new details.

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Can’t wait for the ability to amend a/p’s to be added to the mobile app - hardly ever use the www site version.

Good news @Amanda, You can now edit automatic payments within the BNZ mobile banking app. Just visit the ‘Upcoming payments’ item in the menu and click on an automatic payment that is coming up. On iOS there is an edit button on the top right, and if you use an Android, you can edit by tapping on the fields. All the editable fields have a line underneath.

It’ll be great to hear your feedback.