How Can i get virtual visa or master card free for verify paypal?

I need virtual card for verify my paypal & other. Because i have no any card for that… Anyone can help me ?? Please let me know thank you

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Hi @hr.jibon, not too sure what you mean here I’m afraid. There’s no such thing as a “virtual card”. Can you explain in a little more detail what you’d like? Thanks,

I need online bank account with virtual card for pay online bill

Morning @hr.jibon! If you’re after one of our Flexi Debit Visa cards, it’s as easy as giving us a call on 0800 275 269, or popping into one of our BNZ branches with some Photo ID to order a card. Bear in mind that the Flexi Debit Visas have a $10 annual card fee, however this is waived for the first year of use :slight_smile: Thanks, Emma