Home loans and marriage breakup - AKA financial abuse

Is it possible to asking BNZ to foreclose on a home loan and force a mortgagee sale?

Context - My marriage ended in part due to financial abuse as well as the other emotional / psychological stuff that goes with this behaviour. Home loan is 100% my responsibility. Ex refuses to contribute to costs of the home and / or move out of the house.

Within 12 months I will no longer be in a position to service the mortgage and pay rent on the property I live in. I have applied to the family courts to sell the property, but given current court time frames this matter is unlikely to be heard before I run out of money.

Is it possible to ask the BNZ to forclose on the loan before the money runs out and the decision to foreclose is no longer mine?
If so, how does one go about getting to the right people as obviously repeating the above over and over is stressful. Current loan is about 40% of lowest estimated sale price