Historical KiwiSaver Unit Prices

It would be good if historical unit prices for KiwiSaver were available. On your website you have a tool that can search up unit prices up to a year ago but not before 11/2/2013 (A non binding constraint)

Can you publish graphs of unit prices over time on your website and within internet banking so this information is readily available to customers.

I think you need to be more open about the results so that customers can get an understanding of how KiwiSvaer is performing.

Would it be possible to make weekly unit prices available for download, all the way back to bnz starting their KiwiSaver scheme

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Hi @Sam01, the BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme funds started operating on 11 February 2013 which is why unit prices are not available prior to this date. Similarly, the BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme First Home Buyer Fund started operating on 17 September 2015 so its unit prices for this fund won’t be available before this date.
Now that you’ve pointed it out, we could probably make this clearer on the unit price enquiry screen when it throws up the error message so I’ll speak to our Digital team what our options are in that regard.

Thanks for your suggestion about unit price analysis – we are always looking at ways we can provide our customers with more and better quality information about their BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme account, so I’ll be sure to share this one with the wider team. We don’t have any plans to deliver something like this in the next little while, but feedback from customers certainly helps inform our planning for the future, so thanks again for taking the time to post it.


Are there any plans to provide more information about Kiwisaver performance, it has been over a year since you said you were looking into providing more info.

I have created this graph of the balance and growth funds performance, but it would be nice to have graphs on your website that were easily adjustable and actually looked nice unlike this boring excel graph. Now that the funds have been trending upwards unlike when they were flatlining over a year ago BNZ might be more interested in creating graphs.

Hi Sam, just a heads up that I’m currently investigating this for you and I’ll get back to you soon with a response. Anything else in the meantime let us know. Thanks, Lawrence

Hey Sam, thanks a lot for following up with us on this. I’ve checked in with the Digital Team and I’m afraid that currently there are still no plans to include this feature on our website. Whilst we value your feedback, making these changes would require considerable customer interest and at this point we haven’t seen that interest across our platforms. In the meantime, it’s worth noting that you can get up to date, accurate transaction details by logging into MyIR at Ird.govt.nz

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further suggestions, questions or concerns. Thanks, Lawrence

Just throwing in my 2 cents that I’m also interested in this capability. The current unit price search tool seems unreasonably restrictive.


A year and a half later, and still no movement on this. I have to send secure messages to get a historical listing of unit prices for my BNZ Kiwisaver Moderate Fund.

Surely it can’t be hard to generate graphs based on the Unit Price data that BNZ has, rather than using that very limited Historical Unit Prices form that only does one day at a time, and only goes back 2 years.

I have given up creating my own graph for unit prices and moved to another provider that provides a graph showing the unit price since I joined. They also charge less fees, more information for less fees.

Hey Sam, sorry to hear that you’ve changed providers. Your feedback is really important to us, so I’ve passed it on to the appropriate team. Hopefully we can improve the information we provide to avoid losing other valued customers. Wishing you all the best ^Alyssia

Oh. Come on BNZ. You’ve had plenty of time to resolve this. Do we all need to switch our KiwiSavers to other providers for you to sit up and pay attention? Don’t tell me it’s hard. If other providers can do it, then so can you. Considering your profits, investing some of it into improving your services wouldn’t go amiss.