Help with receiving an international payment?

Hey there everyone

I recently won a bit of money betting on the Melbourne cup with an Australian bookmaker.

After verifying my account on the bookmakers website I have been presented with the following options;

I have a few questions pertaining to the image

1 - Whenever I enter my full account number (with or without dashes) the website is telling me (as seen in the above screenshot) “You must enter a Swift code with either an IBAN or Account number”. How do I enter this correctly?

2 - Same goes for the Iban number

3 - What do I put for the address of the branch? Do I just use my local BNZ branch? Or do I use the Wellington one

4 - What postcode do I use?

Thanks so much for your help in advance!

Hi mattchalk, New Zealand banks don’t have an IBAN, it will be just your full account number. Try putting BNZ’s SWIFT code into the Swift code field. It is BKNZNZ22. With the SWIFT code and account number, you shouldn’t need any thing else. Failing that I would contact the bookmaker for further help. I hope this helps. Good luck.