Help me to close my account please

help please. i forget my password but i want to close my account. i tried yesterday on internet banking but my account was locked. i dont think i have telephone bank. i am in China now. how can i close my account.please help me.

Hi Angela, sorry to hear you’ve been locked out of your Internet Banking! So we can help with the closure of your accounts we need to identify you. You can contact us on +64 4 931 8209 and one of our team members will be happy to sort this out for you :slight_smile: - Adina.

Hi have the same issue but I cannot get through to the call centre. It is always “experiencing high call volume” no matter what time I ring and it is an international toll.

If BNZ insist we ring why cant they answer the phone?


Hi there, I’m sorry for the difficulty you experienced when calling us. If you calling from a landline there is a call collect option. I’m afraid that we do need to speak with you directly as we are required to identify you so we can close your accounts. If you use Internet Banking with us you can request account closure via secure message. Hope this helps! - Adina.