Greetings from the new Community Manager!

As the new manager of our community I thought it was about time I said hi and introduced myself. A little about me: I lived in China for the past 5 years; the last two years I worked in a similar role at a Chinese-American tech company; I’m stoked to be looking after the social community at one of New Zealand’s best banks!

I’m here to grow and support our community, but in order to do that, it’s not my voice we should be listening to, it’s yours! I’m keen to hear your thoughts, suggestions, grievances and any other musings you might have. What can we improve? What do you want to see more/less of? How could our community serve your needs better? Whatever it is, any questions you have for me (banking related or not), go ahead and drop them down below :slight_smile:


Hey There Lawrence. Nice to have as our New BNZ Community Message Boards Manager. Im sure everyone here will help you settle in easily.

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Thanks @Ferrit47!